The Homeless Church
of San Francisco

Who We Are



The Homeless Church is an Assemblies of God Church in San Francisco California.  Early in 1994, Evan Prosser felt the Lord wanted him to resign the House of Prayer in Orland California where he was pastor and move to San Francisco to begin a church of homeless people to be called The Homeless Church.  He and his wife April began to go to the city on weekends meeting homeless people and pastors who worked with them there.  The people living in vans and busses were receptive and the Prossers held Bible studies where they were living.  About this time, it became clear that a "commuter ministry", ministering to the homeless by day and returning to a comfortable apartment by night, was not going to work.  Besides, they couldn't afford an apartment!  A street lady sold them her bus which they lived and ministered in for seven years.  They also received a "church bus" from Twin View Assembly in Redding, in which were Bible studies and services on the street for 12 years.. 



Meanwhile, houses became available very cheaply through a wonderful sister of the Lord, Phyllis Edwinson, Not everyone wants to stay on the street - it is pretty rough out there and most street people are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  We have a house for men, Grace Healing Home, where people come to find health and shelter in Jesus Christ.

14 people live in Grace Healing Home now.  Some have left to go on to jobs, ministry, college, family life.  Thank you Jesus!



Around 2005, the city began a campaign against homeless people living on the street and in vehicles.  As a result, ministry from busses was no longer practical, since homeless people no longer lived in large camps, but scattered throughout the city.  We therefore changed our emphasis to places where homeless people gathered--that is, the parks.  We began at La Raza Park, moved to what is now Sue Bierman Park, and have now begun Sunday services both morning and evening on the Embarcadero at Brannan Street Wharf and in the afternoon at 16th and Mission. 







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