The Homeless Church
of San Francisco

Where We Are


Sunday morning at 10:00, at Brannan St. Wharf, off the Embarcadero in the park near the Brannan St. metro stop, just south of the Bay Bridge.  
Besides singing, preaching, and praying for people, there is a full breakfast served afterward.



Our Sunday afternoon service is at the BART plaza at 16th and Mission, where Agustin oversees a service outdoors  next to one of the City's busiest intersections, a place where homeless people, people buying and selling drugs and their bodies, people looking for something to steal, and . . . many people hungry for God . . . congregate.   Agustin, whose home was once on the sidewalk a block away, invites the people who pass by, and the people who have been coming  now qualify as "regulars"  and are getting to know Jesus.  Afterwards a huge crowd (up ro 150) gathers for a full dinner.


We have now begun services at 5:30 p.m. on at Brannan St. Wharf.  This is our newest service,  and the Lord has shown up with joy, salvation and healings.  Brother Rudy, who has been serving food Sunday night in various locations for five years, provides a delicious meal after the service, usually pizza or a homemade Chinese feast, 


 Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 a.m., church members go out to Mission and 17th Streets in the early morning to serve coffee and pastries to people just stirring from their doorways.  It's welcome on cold mornings and a good way to get to know each other.




Every Thursday night, between nine and midnight, a caravan of cars winds its way through the city.  Near the Embarcadero and Market, in parks and on porches, are little bundles of blankets that on closer examination prove to be people.   Bringing hot meals for everyone,  members of the Homeless Church go from person to person, giving out food, praying, talking with our friends.  All in the Name of Jesus.



Saturdays at ten near the fountain in Sue Bierman Park opposite the Ferry Building, April leads a Bible study for homeless ladies (and whoever else wants to come).  It can be a rough life for the ladies on the street, and this helps give the hope and encouragement they need.  


Pastor Agustin and his wife Stephanie lead a service, Bible study and meal especially for people from the 16th and Mission service who want to go a little deeper in God. It meets at City View Church, 884 Rhode Island Street, at 6:00 p.m. Wednesdays.   They started in early 2011, and the fellowship is growing steadily.

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