The Homeless Church
of San Francisco

Changed Lives




A little more than ten years ago I was stinking, no shower for six months, sitting on the sidewalk.  The Grace of God came to me--a lady came to me pushing a baby, right to the corner where I was sitting drinking with my friends, but she didn't talk to them, only to me.  She said to me, "Jesus loves you, and He has something for you, and something for me, and something for everybody--don't lose your time!"  That same day three other people told me Jesus loved me.  I was puzzled that I began to change.  I began to drink a little less.  After two days, I took a shower.  One guy in a car called out to me, "Hey, Jesus loves you--you want to change your life?"  And that's how I got to Grace Healing Home.  Now I believe God is a great God.  I know He is real and sometimes I still ask, why me?  But I know He says "Because I love you".

Besides being Assistant Pastor of the Homeless Church and pastoring the 16th and Mission service in Spanish and English, with the help of his wife whom he married in December 2009, Stephanie, Agustin was unanimously voted in as pastor of CityView Church.  Under his leadership, the church is growing every week.  God is doing great things in the life of this family.  The picture above is Agustin's family at his wedding..   



In October 2010, when at the end of my rope, sick, confused, tormented with drug addiction and not enough courage for suicide, I believe Christ Jesus guided me to Grace Healing Home for healing and deliverance.  Upon being found passed out on their back patio, pastor Evan Prosser and his wife April along with the brothers at the house took me into the care and love of God, who nurtured me back to health.  Nearly immediately my salvation was confirmed and the desires of my addictions (drugs, tobacco, violence) were no longer an issue in my life.  Praise God!  Jesus also healed several physical infirmities in my body.  I now totally submit my life to Christ due to His miracles.  I am one of His miracles.

Rick was in Grace Healing Home a little over four years.  He graduated from Urban Bible Training Center, a two-year Assemblies of God Bible school, and loves God's Word. He is a huge help to us in every way, fixing everything from washing machines to cars, as well as helping with services and preaching and teaching on occasion.  He was recently given a large boat, which he is getting cleaned up and running, and praying to see how God wants to use it for His Kingdom.  


Paul was on fire for the Lord--he preached, he witnessed, he played music--all his energy went toward serving his Jesus.  But the world and the flesh crept in, and before he knew it, he was on the streets of San Francisco, as a bike messenger.  That was where we met him, camped out near our first Night Strike spot.  And a bike messenger has to be sober enough to ride a bike.  Paul's life was in ruins.  

At that point, he decided to come back to the Lord, and moved into Grace Healing Home.  He had one slip back out onto the streets ("more research," we call it).  But when he came back to Jesus, he was back all the way.  One after the other of his old street friends are moving closer to Jesus as a result of Paul's faithful testimony, and even more, as a result of seeing the undeniable change in Paul.  Glory to God.

Paul, who never finished high school, is now finishing up at City College of San Francisco, and plans to move on to San Francisco State.  He has transformed the music at the Homeless Church, both with his equipment expertise and his musical ability.  The life Jesus has for him is unfolding month by month.  Plus:  NO ONE makes ravioli like he does!  Thank you, Lord!


I have been in professional music most of my life, and began using drugs as part of that scene, traveling around the country playing.  But pretty soon it stopped being fun anymore—I got strung out.  Pretty soon I couldn’t make my gigs, and they kicked me out.  Finally I began going to jail because of petty theft to get drugs, and finally, San Quentin.  That was scary.  People were getting killed right next to me—I made sure I carried a Bible around and stuck close to the chaplain. When I got out I got a job in drug rehab, but my life was still a mess—I lost my wife and family.  Finally I left work and came to San Francisco with the idea of killing myself with drugs.  When I came to San Francisco I had quite a bit of money, but I lost it all except my car that I lived in, and then I lost that.  There was a food line called Martin’s I ate at, and volunteering there was a lady I knew from my working days in drug rehab.  She saw the change in me—I was a real mess—and called the Homeless Church to get me into Grace Healing Home.   I arrived the next day, dirty, sick, and they welcomed me. Now I know JESUS, and with His help I kicked heroin, cocaine and cigarettes all at the same time.  Now everything has changed, thanks to the Lord.  I have a beautiful wife, and I found something  that I’m more excited about now than I’ve ever been.  When Jesus shows you who you are you realize you really are someone.

James served as Assistant to the Pastor of the Homeless Church for ten years, sang for the services every week, and sang at revival meetings all over California. With Rob Sanders, he is part of Rescued and Renewed.  He has also become an amazing preacher, and was  ordained a minister as part of the Church of God in Christ.   In 2012 he and his wife embarked on a new adventure--they headed for Connecticut, where God has been opening doors of ministry  as He did here. He and Karla have bought a ministry house and are bringing awareness of homeless people to the whole town.  Many churches who were not sure what to do to help are now part of Streetfire.  And James is still singing for the Lord.   God bless you, James and Karla!  We  miss you.

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